Try a Musical Birthday Party with Miss Jana!

Do you and your child love your music classes? Then why not celebrate with music and Miss Jana at your child's next birthday party?!!

$125- Move and Groove Party Package

-35-45 minutes of musical play. Parents expected/encouraged to participate with their kids, just like in class. 
-Party is held at your chosen venue. While a party room is ideal, a home can work, too, if you feel like you have enough space. 
-Up to 12 children, including Birthday Child. 
-Songs tailored to Birthday Child (songs we've used from our classes, or some of their other favorite songs). We'll include as many as possible.
-Use of Birthday Child's favorite props and instruments from class (egg shakers, drums, jingle bells, scrunchy band, parachute, scarves, and more!), as well as the Playalong Bin!
-Fee includes a $50 non-refundable deposit to block off the date for Miss Jana and her family. The remaining amount is due at the time of the party. 
-May hold the party on a weekday evening or Saturday, no Sundays.
-Party favors on request for an additional fee (egg shakers, jingle bells, bubbles, etc). If you're interested in those, contact us to price them out for you.

Contact Miss Jana directly to schedule your child's party today!